Miraleste Hills Community Association
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The MHCA CrownviewDrive entrance cameras that are viewable on this web site are not monitored or reviewed by any person or agency. The live feed, and/or recorded images as available, are available to the community residents at their discretion through this website. The image storage duration is about one week; image history will be deleted periodically, dependent upon collection volume at the finite server resource. Therefore, if stored images from a particular day and/or time are of forensic interest, the system administrator must be (timely) notified to specifically save that image history.

Miraleste Hills Community Association (“MHCA”) is providing the cameras as a courtesy to its residents. Residents should not rely upon the cameras as their sole means of surveillance or protection of their person or property or as being a guaranteed way to deter or prevent crime or wrongdoing in the neighborhood. Residents are responsible for their own personal and property surveillance and protection. MHCA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the cameras, including without limitation: (a) whether the cameras will prevent any loss by burglary, robbery, fire, personal emergency or otherwise, or that the cameras will provide any protection; (b) the quality, capabilities, condition, or operation of the cameras and its merchantability of fitness for any particular purpose; or (c) the response time or capability of any agency or person who may be notified in response to an incident detected on the cameras. MHCA is not an insurer of residents’ property nor of the personal safety of persons, in or on their premises or neighborhood streets. Residents should provide their own appropriate insurance for their premises and its contents and for persons living in or visiting their premises.

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