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Sunday, April 27, 2014 at the Miraleste Hills Fountain witnessed the unveiling of the recognition plaque
for Ruberta and Art, next to the beautiful upgraded fountain surrounded by colorful flower plantings,
followed by award of personal plaque copies, to both, from the city of Rancho Palos Verdes.
Art and Ruberta
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A light hosted reception was enjoyed at Acapulco Restaurant in Ports of Call,
attended by approximately 20 persons. ... Anthony Todora

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Foundation of the Miraleste Hills Community Association

    In 1956 there were a few houses on our hill, and they were all bought from PV Properties who managed the Codes Covenants and Restrictions (CC and R's).
    In 1967, an aggressive group founded the Miraleste Hills Homeowners Association and took over management of the CC and R's. Their focal point was the maintenance of the fountain and entryway landscaping with contributions from residents.
    By 1990, because several developers sold property on the hill, there were 12 different sets of CC and R's, … impossible to manage. In addition, the Board of Directors found they were personally liable retroactive 10 years for disputes about the CC and R's.
    On July 17, 1990 an ad hoc committee was formed from the Board of Directors consisting of Steve Nemeth, Jane Manes, George Schmiedeke, and Elaine Van Amburgh, who took over from Joe Manfiletto as President. James A. Hayes was employed as Legal Counsel and in October 1990 the Miraleste Hills Homeowners Association was dissolved, forming instead a Community Association, a volunteer group with no CC and R responsibility.

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About the Fountain

From Ruberta Weaver (in a 2014 email)
    City records in the planning department show the fountain area extending to the street. In the early '60's the property was owned by Taylor Building and Development who planned to develop the hill. They built the fountain as a sales gimmick and built a sales office on a paved section of the lot above. Taylor later went bankrupt and other developers took over portions of the hill, retaining the fountain as an attractive feature.
    In 1974 Dolores Development, Inc. officially deeded the fountain area to the Miraleste Recreation and Park District. Subsequently, as Miraleste Hills became legally separated from the maintenance of the Miraleste Parkway, the fountain area reverted to Miraleste Hills.

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A 1985 MH HOA Newsletter

From: Ruberta Weaver (in a December 2012 email to the neighborhood ...)
Subject: To the Neighborhood
    A look through the files the other day turned up an interesting story about early days in Miraleste Hills. We were obviously a well-organized group in those days. I see I was Editor in 1985. I find it fascinating how Democratic Principles worked to our advantage in removing us from the responsibilities of the Miraleste Parkway.

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MH HOA Newsletter_1985
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Miraleste area in 1939 ...
Palos Verdes Peninsula News, Volume XI, Number 31, 27 October 1939
... can be read at this web page: Miraleste, 1939
in the California Digital Newspaper Collection, Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research, University of California, Riverside
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And don't forget the Palos Verdes Library District Local History Room
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Ruberta Weaver, R.I.P.
Ruberta Louise Harwell Weaver, 1916-2023
    No history of Miraleste Hills would be complete without acknowledging this lady –
Farewell to Ruberta Weaver
Ruberta Weaver, the original first lady of the UW System, dies at 106

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